Speech & Language Therapy Services


We provide evidence based speech and language therapy to support your child’s ability to interact with the world around him or her through the use of language.

We are committed to using the most current research-based approaches and techniques and individualize them to program for your child’s specific needs. Assistive technology is used to enrich therapy when appropriate.

Therapy is provided in individual and small group sessions depending on the recommended type and frequency of treatment. The speech and language therapy we provide helps our clients build strategies and skills to support his or her ability to function in academic settings as well. Our therapy sessions address the following:

Central Auditory Processing Disorders as related to:

• Auditory discrimination
• Auditory memory
• Auditory comprehension

Receptive Language Skills related to:

• Understanding basic concepts
• Understanding word relationships
• Understanding multiple meanings and figurative language
• Comprehension of oral and written language
• Understanding of word and sentence structures

Expressive Language Skills related to:

• The ability to express word concept and flexibility of language understanding
Word retrieval
• Formulating and organizing oral and written output at the sentence level and above
• Social Pragmatic language
• The ability to understand verbal and non-verbal intents
• The ability to use language to interact and navigate social situations
• The development of social skills through the use of therapeutic techniques from Michelle
• Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking methodology
• Verbal problem solving
• Oral Motor and Articulation skills treated by a PROMPT trained clinician
• Auditory Training
• Voice

Functional skills including those required in the classroom such as:

• Following verbal and written directions
• Using strategies to improve auditory processing or spoken information
• Language skills related to executive functioning
• Study and organization skills
• Development and use of social pragmatic language skills in the academic setting
• Verbal problem solving

Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking methodology is also heavily embedded our therapeutic practices. We address the development and use of social thinking skills in functional academic and social language skills. We also offer a Flexible Friends social skills group, which uses the Incredible Flexible You curriculum to address the development and application of social language skills.

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Physical Therapy Services

We currently offer home-based pediatric Physical Therapy through our Chesapeake VA office throughout the Hampton Roads region.  Please contact us at (757) 490-2272 for more information!

Occupational Therapy Services

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